An Overnight Experience In The Krane

An Overnight Experience In The Krane

Amongst the industrial landscape of the harborside of Nordhavn, Copenhagen, stands ‘The Krane’. Designed and built by Mads Møller from Arcgency for Klaus Kastbjerg, the former coal crane has been renovated and now acts as an immersive, multisensory experience, comprised of a private retreat, meeting spaces and a spa, all in an old engine room. 



The Krane consists of ‘The Krane Room Sleep,’ the intimate hotel room for two; ‘The Krane Room Meet’, the meeting space at the edge of the water; ‘The Glass Box Meet’, the meeting room offering 360° panoramic views and ‘The Amazing Krane Spa’. To pay homage to the history of the crane, the interior boasts a predominantly black color scheme. Kastbjerg explains this decision in more depth, “Usually you go to a hotel and a thousand things are happening. You’re at the hotel to de-stress from work but now you have to de-stress from the hotel. With The Krane, the black interior combined with the crisp white bed sheets makes everything quiet. You can feel calm, at peace. Enjoying the view as the art.” The minimalist aesthetic reflects the Danish design ideology of less-is-more, eliminating unnecessary elements to limit distraction from the magnificent views of the ocean and the city. 






In contrast to the dark design that envelopes the majority of The Krane’s interior, the spa is clad in stone, with two oversized bathtubs aligned against an immense glass wall, which offers a singular view of the ocean and the harbor. Wood, leather, stone, and steel make up the majority of materials used for the design and décor details. To maintain the minimalist ambiance, the furniture has been custom-made to ensure the pieces can disappear into integrated wall panels.




Author: Alice Harrison

Pics by: Rasmus Hjortshøj