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The Council aims to create a movement around traveling like a “HERO” — that is,
New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Bali, Canada, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Hawaii... just few of the amazing destinations shot by our Letasca travelers, during their journeys and exploration activities... whether among a wild forest, walking on a glacier, in front of a giant waterfall, or on top of a sky-scraper, these world’s citizens chose to share their journey, their wonderful shots and their knowledge with us.
Things in common? Our Letasca vest, experienced by any of them in a personal and different way, filled with the essential stuff for an intense and sometimes life-changing adventure. “Fill it responsibly”, our motto acclaims, as we firmly believe that gestures and actions are way more efficient than words when it comes to describing someone: in fact objects always tell us the truth, define who we are and what does belong to us, our habits and all of those little obsessions that we have, what is really a must-have to us.
Here is where Letasca has its roots: in the truth about people - sharing people’s stories, looks, ideas and beliefs, always trying to keep eyes open on the contemporary trends and the frenetic changes and transformation our society is going through.
As an example, we consider very interesting this new movement born around traveling, called “transformative travel”; that is defined as “traveling with Heart; seeking Engagement; having the Resolve to work through challenges; and leaving your heart, mind, and soul Open to the unknown.”
Approaching travel in this thoughtful way dramatically increases one’s likelihood of having a life-changing experience.
As a matter of fact, travelers today are increasingly drawn to travel as a form of self-actualization and personal transformation and growth. They want more than a simple visit to a new destination or days spent relaxing on a beach.
Instead, the travel they’re seeking is an experience of the world that goes deep — one that changes them in ways they may not even be aware of.
Our Letasca travelers are moved by this very purpose, explore the world as a way to explore the human being, test itself, evolve and contribute to the growth of the community we live in. 






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