Functional, rain-proof outerwear for the urban commuters and cyclists

The Letasca x Pirelli collaboration combines style and utility in more ways than one. See transformable, self-packable and rain-proof outerwear to pair with a tech-updated city ride.


The capsule drop focuses on two everyday essentials,

A multi-pocket vest that can transform into a hooded cape. It is designed with rain-proof tech fabrics and snap buttons for a quick and easy change while travelling. The cape has transparent inserts in the hood and front hem for enhanced visibility.

A second riding-essential is the self-packable rain cape, designed with similar easy-visibility features and tech-fabrics. It can collapse into its front-pocket that folds into a small cross-body bag, making it easy to carry & wear your everyday objects.


There’s more than one reason to want the Letasca x Pirelli drop:

With the multi-pocket vest, ditch the backpack to carry & wear all your essentials – you’ll never be bike-robbed again

With a transformable water-proof cape, ride easy in the rain – you’ll always feel like a superhero

With the Letasca neo-urban style, don’t worry about using the cycle brake, coz’ people will stop and stare – you’ll never be late anywhere


The collaboration is launched with Pirelli’s CYCL-e around initiative, an exclusive e-bike rental service for active travellers. It is all about technological innovation, simplicity and green mobility.

So go ahead, Brake the stereotype

Roadie.  Urban Cyclist.  Adventurist.  Athlete. Me.

It’s your turn now, get exploring >