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Through my essentials I tell you who I am

There are some elements which are way more efficient than words when it comes to describing someone: objects always tell us the truth, as those occur unawares during our daytime, set the boundaries, define who we are and what does belong to us, our habits and all of those little obsessions that we have.
Here is where Letasca has its roots: in the truth about people - those who feel different and unique enough to be represented through the power of the images: Fill It Responsibly is the name of the new digital campaign by Letasca, which “empties the pockets” of the characters, with the aim of making them cool and super pop stereotypes, where POP truly stands for popular, recognizable.
The main element of the campaign keeps being the iconic vest, which managed to reinvent itself in diverse shades, colours and fabrics many times since the very beginning - every time meeting a different type of customer and demonstrating its extreme versatility.
In the “flat lay” campaign Fill it Responsibly, the Letasca vest is surrounded by the owner’s essentials, which always turn out to be a discovery: the Fashion Kid is one of those, whose outfit is basically a collection of famous brands, then we have The Nostalgic who sticks to the mythical objects from the past, The Cheater who loves women that much that he always brings two phones with him. The Hacker keeps being enigmatic and mysterious, The Survivor is prompt to fix any issue: 9 style models, 9 ways to wear the vest by Letasca and in any case, being able to feel your true self.
Every still life is accompanied by a proper identikit, by the ironic tone and super social language, which reveal all of the obsessions, the peculiarities and the commonplaces of these 9 characters, to make people smile as they recognize themselves (at least) in one of those when scrolling down the Instagram feed.
The campaign has been live online on the brand’s official social media pages since Thursday, 10th May. It all started (also on social media!) through the personal interpretation of several ambassadors: influencers such as Andrea Faccio and Giotto Calendoli, the guitarist Saturnino, the internationally well-known photographer Adam Katz Sinding and many others have been invited to look in the “pockets” of their Letasca vests, and to tell more about their lives, without saying anything.



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