Soon to-be-launched, post completion of a prototypical research phase, is a series of retail-built projects, opening new windows into the brand.

Each project results in an augmented store window display that is wholly immersive and experiential, reflecting individual facets of Letasca, with supporting touchpoints inside the retail space.

Letasca’s primary trial at retail, underlines the concept that there are two ways to look at a window – (a) through it too see what lies behind (b) at it to understand stories beyond the surface.

Take a look at the projects below.

#1 Navigating  to Letasca

Constantly referencing to military style codes with tactical and functional designs, the brand uses military precision to construct pieces that allow you to #carryandwear your everyday ammo. Letasca products are designed keeping in mind form and function, while balancing the brand’s key values of aesthetics and utility. Each piece is constructed with care and precision, almost like charting co-ordinates using a military protractor.

The prototype represents a military GPS that seemingly navigates users towards the Letasca products displayed in the window. Viewers can find out their approximate geographic co-ordinates by scanning the sign on the window display which will lead them to a pre-designed template/filter to share as an image on social media (stories).  This can be further used to unlock an exclusive code to shop products in-store.

#2 Breaking boundaries with #letasquad

The #letasquad community of urban explorers and adventurists are constantly breaking boundaries, exploring borders and seeking unseen places. Wherever they go wearing Letasca, they pave new paths and leave their make behind like a virtual signature on the map. The FW19 collection also references the #letasquad with geo-location inspired map motifs and prints on one of the new vests.

The window is an ode to this community and highlights the adventures of three #letasquad members.  Videos, photos and story-telling about their journeys can be accessed by scanning their respective destinations on the window-map or viewed in an interactive space in-store.

#3 The Canonical Vest

Letasca aims to re-define the anatomy of the neo-urban man’s uniform. With a multi-dimensional inspiration base, the brand also borrows from geometric compositions and theories. In its latest project, the Canonical Vest is created by studying ideal vs natural body proportions and the golden mean, thereby proposing strategic measurements and placements of pockets on the iconic vest.  

The store window portrays this new research in a visual format expressing the connection between the construction of the vest and ideal ratios and proportions. The next stage in this project is to design an exhibition space within the retail store portraying the evolution of this concept. The exhibition space will be developed in collaboration with a Design University based in Milan.

#4 Carry and Wear

The Letasca vest is more than just a garment, it is identity wear. With multi-pocket functionality, the pockets enable one to not only carry everyday objects but also let the objects define who you are; being a minimalist in the city, a busy-body creative professional, an explorer.  Empty your pockets and tell your story or let the items in your pockets speak for you.

The window recalls the versatility of the iconic vest and its easy-functionality for the urban wearer. This design was developed by gifting selected Letasca users a 10-pocket vest and challenging them to go about their everyday routine with just these  objects. Their movements were  tracked and with their feedback this loop was created. A space will be created in-store where users can sign up for the #10pocketchallenge and rent a Letasca vest for a day carrying just these 10 objects in their pockets.