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Letasca at Innersect / Shanghai

Letasca explores new urban jungles at China's biggest street-culture convention, INNERSECT in Shanghai. The event was held from 6th to 8th December 2019, a bustling affair featuring a exclusive drops, collaborations and new styles from contemporary names in the industry like Undercover, Alyx Studios, Daniel Arsham and Letasca to mention a few. 

With a theme of #exploretheinfinity and an aim to emphasize the brand identity, Letasca's boooth was a functional space focused on the brand aesthetics - from minimalist corners and sleek metallic surfaces to raw gravel addition.

 letasca at innersect shanghai 1

 letasca at innersect shanghai 2

letasca at innersect shanghai 3

Customised styles for the Innersect audience were presented at the booth along with a digital enabled storytelling. 


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