Letasca Explores a Confrontation Between Man & Nature’

Letasca Explores a Confrontation Between Man & Nature’

Imagine a harmonious collision, where two seemingly diverse subjects confront one another and can co-exist.

The Letasca editorial, ‘a confrontation between man and nature’ explores how organic sensations from natural landscapes are easily translated into the technical qualities and details of the brand’s garments.

Colours absorbed from the play of light on vast green grasslands or clean lines and shapes borrowed from harsh rock formations take forefront on the collection’s styles. From green lustrous nylon that changes under light to soft mud hues on tough fabrics with rigid cuts;

Uncontaminated natural landscapes, away from urban structures translate the idea of simplicity and essentialism which directly recalls the Letasca design philosophy.

In other words, the editorial talks of the appeal of ‘Less is more’ – less fast more slow, less quantity more quality, less hype more realness and even less Netflix and more panoramic sunsets!

Photographer Luca Stefanon, who carried out the latest editorial campaign of Letasca, apart from many others in the past, shares his mental moodboard of the Letasca photoshoot at Campo Imperatore.

The idea is to escape from the cityscapes and have a confrontation between man and nature through harmonious co-existence. There is so much resonance between the place and the attitude of the brand, from earthy colours in the grassland which match the muted tones and vibrant textures of Letasca garments to the pristine and clean feel of the habitat that complements the minimalistic design of Letasca.“

Luca merges these emotions, the brand’s synonymous identity and the nature-scape to attract the niche Letasca clientele with specific aesthetic tastes and lifestyles.

Moreover, the newest capsules of the brand speak to these people, through styles that adapt their need for a multi-verse. Expect self-packable and reversible styles for the adventurist and contemporary fluid pieces balancing formal with casual. Each capsule remains divergent from trends but values newness, through high-design, made to last, utilitarian pieces.