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Soon in-trend: Overlanding 

The Letasa community is built of urban explorers, adventurers and travellers who are currently re-thinking what the post covid-19 future holds for them. While solo-travel has always been popular, it might become the new norm soon, especially for people who live for outdoor and travel experiences. 
Another very real possibility is choosing remote locations and independent travel means, where #socialdistancing may not be a problem. 
More importantly, is the importance of 'going local' that is being spoken about in every industry. This gives full-time travellers and urban nomads the chance to re-discover their cities and countries. A utilitarian perspective with respect to ways of moving, destinations, packing and travel essentials will soon set in. 
Bartek Kolaczkowski, photographer and explorer based in Warsaw, Poland speaks to Letasca about his new approach in upcoming travel adventures. 
"You don't need to travel far away to explore different landscapes. Nowadays people will travel more local", he says. 
"Overlanding will get a new meaning and will start to be more popular. I see this from my experience, as I'm starting a project with an off-road car and that's my plan for this summer."
Location: outskirts of Warsaw / dry river bed / burnt forest
Overlanding refers to crossing large terrains and long distances by-road in rugged vehicles meant for such adventures. See more of Bartek's last trip to a location in the outskirts of Warsaw, taken just before the lock-down was implemented there. 
Vehicle: Land Rover Defender
Outfit: Letasca total look
All photographs by Bartek Kolaczkowski

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