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What does #uncamouflaged mean to you?
In simple words: #seektobeseen
Stay unhidden. Stay loud. Stay noticed. Stay seen.
Our new social campaign, launches the new HNT_VES / Camo, through a paradoxical statement:
Wear Camo to never be Camouflaged
The HNT_VEST is made to stand out.  With it, you’ll never blend into a crowd, hide in plain sight or be simply ordinary.
Experience a versatile style, wearable for any occasion, a statement-making piece - inspired by military uniform and refined metropolitan elements. It is a new and evolved adaptation of the brand’s MVP, the multi-functional vest. Designed as an ultra-light piece , made with tech-utility nylon,adjustable side straps and  3 patch-pockets - two on the front and one large-sized on the back.
Through this social campaign, we open dialogue with our community, asking: What #uncamouflaged means to you? How do you blend into a crowd, yet stand out?  
See how 9 style icons / trend setters use the HNT_VES to share their message.
IG: @timasatt | Location: Paris, France
 IG: @willy | Location: Leipzig, Germany
 IG: @iamdanielesferlazzo | Location: Italy
 It's your turn now: #seektobeseen
Remember, there's only one rule:
Unbox. Wear. Share.
Take a look at our instruction manual below:

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