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'Urban Fisherman' is an evolved expression of the inspiration behind Letasca's FW18 collection. The essence of a future attire for men at sea comes across vividly through this editorial. Fishermen, divers, sailormen embrace a stylised uniform that merges utility, performance and fashion. 
Letasca is built on multidimensional inspiration, borrowing stylistic elements from workwear and constantly combining different worlds of reference. 
The visuals created are both an inspired result and a homage to the Haenyeo,  a community of women belonging to a small island in the south of Korea. Aged from 16 to 80 years, they dive 10m under the sea to collect shellfish and sea urchin without the use of oxygen masks or any gadgets of technical advancement. The Haenyeo wear outfits that are practical, meant for diving and fishing, yet showcase a touch of their tradition.
'Urban Fisherman' recreates that attitude with utilitarian uniforms for men at sea with stylised touches that maintain a refined look. 
It is directly manifested in the collection via ‘divers orange’ jackets, net-like mesh detailing on hoodies and fish-hook motifs as prints on sweatshirts and tees. Ensuring tech and performance are at the forefront, fabrics like nylon and treated wool are used.
The editorial uses advanced fishing nets, elasticated divers goggles, underwater flashlights to re-create the mood of the 'urban fishermen' while simultaneously reflecting on the hardships the Haenyeo face without such technical essentials.



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