Reversible outerwear, one-of-a-kind accessories and edgy details to amp up basics – the Letasca FW 18/19 collection is an evolution of its iconic silhouettes and so much more. Motivated by...

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Capturing the poetry of absence with wire mesh

Edoardo Tresoldi interview

a strange duality exists in the work of italian sculptor edoardo tresoldi; that of the seen and the unseen. created from wire mesh, tresoldi’s work reveals and celebrates both of these perspectives...

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Through my essentials I tell you who I am

There are some elements which are way more efficient than words when it comes to describing someone: objects always tell us the truth, as those occur unawares during our daytime,...

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Ssense’s Flagship Store

by David Chipperfield

British architecture practice David Chipperfield has renovated a 19th-century building in Montreal, creating an avant-garde concept fashion store that is to be the first physical store for Ssense, the leading e-commerce platform which stocks luxury...

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A seasonal collection of music we like


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Carry & Wear

Fill it with your essentials

The Council aims to create a movement around traveling like a “HERO” — that is,New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Bali, Canada, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Hawaii... just few of the amazing destinations...

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An Overnight Experience In The Krane

Designed and built by Mads Møller

Amongst the industrial landscape of the harborside of Nordhavn, Copenhagen, stands ‘The Krane’. Designed and built by Mads Møller from Arcgency for Klaus Kastbjerg, the former coal crane has been renovated and...

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Speculations on the future of 'owning' domestic objects

In this post, we speculate broadly on how changing trends in ownership might reshape our future relationships with objects in domestic space. We recognise that any such changes would likely...

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